Foreign Exchange Program


PAX is a designated US State Dept. non-profit for placing students and supervising their stay in the US.   I am putting a little information here that tells a little about hosting a student.
Monica DeHart, our local coordinator, will contact any family interested to conduct a personal interview and help them to select a student.  She also provides supervision assistance throughout the school year.   Please feel free to use this information to print a flyer, post, or send emails.   Also, visit our website at    This is a wonderful opportunity to Share America with the world and learn about other countries at the same time.


Share your heart, your home,

your country with a young person from abroad.

Become a Host Family!


Won’t you open your home and share your life with a boy or girl from abroad? International exchange students arrive in August with PAX - Program of Academic Exchange on an academic homestay program. Teens from Spain, Germany, Thailand, Korea, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, China and 30 different countries are interested in living with an American family and attending an American high school for the next academic year. All PAX students speak English, have full medical insurance, and come with their own spending money. They also want to share the best of their culture with you! Exchanges foster understanding and love across the globe.

Host families come in all shapes and sizes! All are welcome to apply including single parents, young couples and retirees. Families need only provide a place for the student to sleep and study, meals, and a warm, supportive environment.

PAX Community Coordinator Monica DeHart is currently interviewing area families. She is  available to meet with you to show you the profiles of arriving PAX students, so that you can choose the perfect match for your family. For more information call Monica at 435 668-0753 or the PAX National Office at 1 800 555-6211.   Visit our website:

*PAX is designated an Exchange Visitor Program by the US Dept. of State.